Englefield Green Village Neighbourhood Plan

A neighbourhood plan is a document that sets out planning policies for your area and can: Protect local green spaces; Encourage better designed places and bring forward housing that genuinely meets local needs. The Englefield Green Village Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared by a 'Forum' of volunteer residents in consultation with the community at large. Full details including the current status of the plan can be seen by following the link.

Understanding Neighbourhood Planning

What is neighbourhood planning? Find out how neighbourhood planning can help you and your community decide their future. Find out more at mycommunity.org.uk

What can a Neighbourhood Plan do? It can:

  • Complement and enhance the relevant National and Local Plans with more detailed policies that are particularly applicable to the Neighbourhood Area
  • Give the community a voice when deciding on new development
  • Identify a wish list of potential improvement of local infrastructure, local facilities and the like direct the use of funds from the Community Development Levy (CDL) towards potential improvements in local infrastructure etc..

What can't a Neighbourhood Plan do? It can't:

  • Stop all development in the area
  • Be in opposition to National or Local plans
  • Dictate improvements in local infrastructure and the like.
  • Want to know more or find out the latest news, access the Forum website via the link below