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Writ in Water


'Writ in Water' is an award-winning architectural artwork by Mark Wallinger commissioned by the National Trust providing an immersive space for contemplation and reflection in Runnymede Meadow Englefield Green . The installation celebrates the global significance of Magna Carta and is free to enter seven days a week. This circular building is located in the meadow at the base of Cooper's Hill between the river Thames and an ox-bow lake and takes its name from the inscription on John Keats' gravestone: 'Here lies one whose name was writ in water'. The doorway leads to a corridor where you can turn left or right to reach an inner chamber. Here the sky is open to view above a pool of water. The sides are inscribed with reversed and inverted lettering so that the reflection in the pool reveals Clause 39, much like the seal on Magna Carta itself.