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Local Walk: Englefield Green, Smith's Lawn and Obelisk Lake


Distance: 8Km Difficulty: Easy. Mainly flat gravel tracks. Accessibility: Good, but some uneven tracks. Facilities: Cafés in Englefield Green and along the route in Windsor Great Park. Toilets in EG Cemetery maintenance building and signposted along the route. Start Point: Car park at southern end of St Jude's Rd TW20 0BY.. Printable Version ----------------------------------- Directions: From the carpark head towards the church and enter the cemetery through main gates. Follow the path straight ahead and take the left-hand path just before the small chapel (Greek Orthodox Church of St. Andrew the Apostle) then the first path on the right will take to the gate at the opposite side of the cemetery. Here turn left down Blays Lane and follow the lane with caution down to a T' junction with Wick Rd. Cross the road and enter Windsor Great Park by the pedestrian gate opposite. Head straight past a few houses on the left, at first on tarmacked track and then carry on along the gravel track. Follow the track round to the left and at the 'T junction turn right. When reaching a crossroads of tracks, turn left across a (partially concealed stream) and follow the track to the right alongside the stream Passing a wooden footbridge, carry on until you reach a causeway on the right which separates Wick Pond from Virginia Water Lake. Cross the causeway towards the 100ft tall Totem Pole (A) which was gifted in 1958 to Queen Elizabeth II from the people of Canada. From the Totem pole proceed straight on along the tree-lined avenue that is The Canadian Memorial Path and into the Valley Gardens. Sticking to the main path, you will find yourself an area where several paths converge. (If you require refreshment or a toilet, then you will find these a short way along the path to the right.) Head diagonally towards the gate in the fence and enter the Heather Gardens - home of the National Heather Collection and follow the meandering pathway and out through the gate to turn right along a track. You will join the roadway here and should be aware of occasional park traffic. Facing you will be Smith's Lawn (B) - home of the Guards Polo Club where you may be lucky to find an event on. Turn right along the main road alongside the Smiths Lawn Polo Fields and note the Airfield memorial at the corner of the fencing on the left which commemorates the time in 1920s when Smith's Lawn was a grass airfield. The road turns through two bends and downhill to a waymarked crossroads, where you turn left, signposted Savill Garden. Soon, at the edge of the Obelisk Lake, take the gravel track on the left, which hugs the lake all the way to an open 'ride', where you should turn right over a stone bridge. From the bridge you can view part of the famous Savill Garden. Following the track up the hill will take you to an open area to get a closer view of the Obelisk (C) Here refreshments can be bought and there are a few benches and table for customers' use. Savill Garden visitors' Centre can be seen to the left and here there are toilets, restaurant, and a gift shop as well as the entrance to the renowned Savill Garden. (D) After your visit, with care walk through the car park along the right-hand side ignoring the first pedestrian walkway and then at the far end you should exit into a pathway. (This path has the potential to get muddy). Carry on until you emerge on to the tarmacked road and turn left down to a stream and then up towards Butcher's Gate where you can find refreshment at The Bailiwick dining pub. Follow the road in the park in the same direction, to pass a carpark on the left and then to reach the gate you used to enter the park. From here retrace your steps along Blays Land and through the cemetery to the start of the walk. Printable Version